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May 18, 2009

The Leader in Us - by Kam Gupta

Greetings: As I promised during my lunch keynote address, here is my first entry in this blog for all to benefit. First I thank Denis Artur to let me use his site to post this blog. The enthusiasm was contagious in the presentation. What an energetic response I received from the participants. They are ENERGY! I have asked all participants as they attend different sessions and walk through the hallways, to observe their energy levels, their thoughts, and their emotions. I am so excited to say that I have received overwhelming response within the first six hours following the session. I did not capture the names, nor asked for their permission, so most of my comments here are anonymous.

"The best session I ever attended. My energy is very high. I am generally creating a very high level energy around me." David Cole said, "Simply inspiring." Many folks indicated that initially they thought it would be like any other presentation, but it turned out to be highly value adding.

My presentation was about how our thoughts manifest different levels of energy which determines how effective a leader we will be.

Evening hours turned out to be the mingling hours at different hospitality suites. I specifically went to Software quality and then Management Division suites. Just superb are the only words I can use to describe the fun we had there.

Hope you all are having tons of fun at WCQI and I will be looking for many more people to speak with tomorrow for more feedback and new learning.